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Community Progress exists to help meet the growing need in America’s cities and towns for effective, sustainable solutions to turn vacant, abandoned and problem properties into vibrant places.

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Ferguson infoPlaylist

Originally posted on Albert S. Cook Library @ TU:

14974784752_c08a246283_mMichael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis) on Saturday, August 9, 2014. The firestorm of protests and arrests that followed has led to nation-wide discussions about race, media coverage, policing, and the First Amendment of the Constitution. This infoPlaylist prepared by Librarians Joyce Garczynski and Megan Browndorf contains background information, news and social media coverage, analysis and opinions as well as the official responses related to these events.

Background Information

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Libraries in __The Vanishing Neighbor__

Once again libraries are not at the table in Marc J. Dunkelman’s  The Vanishing Neighbor: The Transformation of American Community  which discusses the isolation of Americans.

Not wanting to look at the facts of libraries and community engagement Dunkelman mainly ignores libraries and librarians.

book cover

He provides a few weak examples of  library use and non-use to illustrate various points  but it is discouraging after so many years of the library and community movement that  Dunkelman goes for the easy and glib broad-brush.

If, as Dunkelman posits, all you need to do is sit home and read online..HOW DID HE MISS THE LIBRARIANS AND COMMUNITY MOVEMENT? All he needed to do was google:

Librarians and Community.

Do not doubt this will be the topic of much conversation the coming months. One reviewer notes,

“After a panoramic view of how the United States has changed in so many ways, Marc Dunkelman argues that Americans are left with a sense of isolation from neighbors nearby: we keep ‘inner-ring’ relationships with family and close friends plus ‘outer-ring’ with Facebook friends we see infrequently, but we have lost middle-ring relationships with families down the street and a barber around the corner. Institutions, Dunkelman believes, must adapt to these new realities, nourishing a fresh sense of community. This is an insightful call for remembering what Tocqueville found best about America.” (David Gergen,  Harvard Kennedy School and senior political analyst, CNN)

in contrast see:

2009 Libraries Build Communities Volunteers

Libraries Transforming Communities (LTC) — an initiative of the American Library Association — seeks to strengthen librarians’ roles as core community leaders and change-agents.

The initiative addresses a critical need within the library field by developing and distributing new tools, resources and support for librarians to engage with their communities in new ways.

Or review the work of librarians on this blog  Librarians Build Communities. or the work of graduates of the Valdosta State University program on community building: Librarians Build Community.

See also work done by librarians:

Julie Biando Edwards, Melissa S. Robinson , Kelley Rae Unger. Transforming Libraries, Building Communities: The Community-Centered Library. – American Library Association 2013.

Hill, Chrystie. 
Inside, Outside, and Online: Building Your Library Community.
Publisher: ALA Editions. 2009.
Mccook, Kathleen de la Peña McCook. A Place at the Table: Participation in Community Building. American Library Association, 2002.

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Libraries in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

A good article on the way libraries will be supported under this legislation is here:

Libraries, already helping job seekers, get government recognition — and funding

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Community Indicators Consortium

About the Community Indicators Consortium


Community Indicators Consortium


The Community Indicators Consortium   (CIC) was organized in the belief that information sharing, collaboration and open dialogue — across geography and disciplines — are key to the advancement of people, the quality of community life and the sustainability of our shared environment. To that end, CIC seeks bridges that span the gap between community indicators use and performance measurement, providing ways for community groups and governments to coordinate efforts and jointly enhance knowledge about the use of indicators to leverage positive change.

Through these activities, CIC has become a major node in the expanding field of community measurement. The CIC website offers a place where community-based practitioners, academic experts, engaged community residents, public officials, students, civic leaders, planners, media professionals and other stakeholders can learn from one another and participate in an active global learning community.

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Yatesville, Georgia- Rural Library Project

The Rural Library Project is a nonprofit organization committed to the establishment of new, small libraries in rural areas. We collaborate with citizens, public library systems and governments in these areas to raise funds for and build libraries in their towns. We view these local public libraries as centers of learning, community building, and civic pride.

The specific goals and services of The Rural Library Project are to:

  • Provide project management services necessary for small rural communities to establish new library facilities. This includes coordinating the design, coordinating and overseeing the construction and overseeing the equipping of the new library to meet community needs and budgets.
  • Seek and provide challenge grants for rural communities committed to building new library facilities. These challenge grants are to initiate and assist local public fundraising campaigns to establish new libraries.
  • Seek and provide grants to establish summer reading programs following the construction of new library facilities.

The Rural Library Project.

White, Dan1. 2014. “The Rural Library Project: Building Libraries, Building Community.” Public Library Quarterly 33, no. 2: 108-120.

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