Readings on Community Building and Libraries

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Readings on Community Building and Libraries
Laura Bush 21st Century Librarians
Valdosta State University.
August 28, 2010

Bachowski, Donna. 2009. “Orlando Memory: Capturing Community Memories.” Florida Libraries 52, no. 2: 8-9.

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Zach, Lisl and Michelynn McKnight. 2010. “Innovative Services Improvised During Disasters: Evidence-Based Education Modules to Prepare Students and Practitioners for Shifts in Community Information Needs.” Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 51, no. 2: 76-85.

Compiled by Kathleen de la Peña McCook.
Valdosta State University/ Georgia Public Library Service
Laura Bush 21st Century Librarians.

Entry filed under: community building.

State Library Agencies Survey Georgia Department of Community Affairs

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