The Public Library’s Role in the Transition Towns Movement

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Greening Libraries (cover image)

The Transition Towns movement is a grassroots initiative focused on building community resilience in the face of the challenges brought about by peak oil, climate change, and economic recession.

The Public Library’s Role in the Transition Towns Movement

By Monika Antonelli

A chapter in Greening Libraries, edited by Monika Antonelli and Mark McCullough

Throughout the United States, public libraries play an important role in supporting the quality of life in their local communities. But in a world facing increasing instability due to economic, energy and environmental challenges, public libraries could find themselves functioning as lifeboats for community revival and survival.

In his book, The Long Emergency, James Howard Kunstler analyzes a world facing the end of cheap fossil fuels. This event, frequently known as peak oil, refers to the point at which oil production begins to decline worldwide and energy prices begin to continuously rise. Since modern living depends on the availability of cheap oil to provide the necessities of everyday life – from computers to electric lights and from cars to air conditioning – this situation is predicted to cause severe economic disruption leading to recession and possibly a global depression1.


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Prison Librarian “True community: connecting the Millennium Development Goals to public library services in the United States.”

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