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The New Information Democracy

Today, new demands for public content are prompting state and local governments to look for ways to better meet their responsibilities and improve services through online content information access. This is ushering in a whole new era of information democracy in government. To meet the demands of this era, governments are establishing a solid foundation of technology and practices for enterprise content management (ECM). This Center for Digital Government white paper showcases five local governments that are using ECM to bring information to their constituents, increase efficiency and transparency, and improve mobility for their agencies and the public. The New Information Democracy

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Library Roles in Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Disasters strike every area of the country, and disasters do not spare libraries. Usually there is little or no warning, and the best defense is a plan for effective response.

This fact sheet is a selective resource for libraries of all sizes and types. It contains links to disaster preparedness web sites whose primary role is emergency response or conservation, and to information on available training, and to other available resources, as well contains a select book bibliography.

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Libraries and Museums as Afterschool Allies

Libraries and Museums as Afterschool Allies
Public libraries are undergoing a 21st century makeover, evolving into destinations for hands-on, collaborative and informal learning. With their museum and community partners they are taking a more active role in supporting children’s learning and development in the hours after school.

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Public Libraries as Providers of Digitally Inclusive Services and Resources

The American Library Association (ALA) today announced it has received a three-year, National Leadership Grant award of $486,587.00 from the Institute for Museum & Library Services (IMLS).

ALA Office for Research & Statistics (ORS) Director Kathy Rosa will serve as project director, and John Bertot, co-director of the University of Maryland Information Policy & Access Center (iPAC), will manage the survey for the study of Public Libraries as Providers of Digitally Inclusive Services and Resources: A National Survey Redefined. TheInternational City/County Management Association (ICMA), another partner on the grant, will provide input regarding issues of digital inclusion at the local government and community levels.

“Recent technological, economic and policy changes have thrust the digital literacy and digital inclusion roles of public libraries to the forefront of service,” said ALA ORS Director Kathy Rosa. “We are pleased to continue working with the University of Maryland Information Policy & Access Center to gather the information we need to advocate for and adapt to the digital inclusion needs of our communities.”

The study builds on the success of the long-running Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study (PLFTAS), which measured public access to computers, the Internet and Internet-related services in U.S. public libraries, as well as the impact of library funding changes on connectivity, technology deployment and sustainability. The new study will use qualitative and quantitative methods to focus on digital literacy and digital inclusion.

“Previous surveys conducted by ALA and UMCP have chronicled the growth of public access technology services and infrastructure in public libraries,” stated John Bertot. “By focusing on the role of public access technologies and services public libraries provide, this study will demonstrate the important roles of public libraries in building digitally inclusive communities.”

The Public Libraries as Providers of Digitally Inclusive Services and Resources: A National Survey study will take the pulse of public library service in the areas of digital literacy, economic and workforce development, educational support, and health information. Through this research and with the participation of U.S. public libraries, we will have the data we need to advocate for and adapt to the digital inclusion needs of our communities.

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Reducing Homelessness through Library Engagement

Reducing Homelessness through Library Engagement

Extending Our Reach: Reducing Homelessness through Library Engagement,” the latest toolkit from the ALA Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS) is now available as a free print or digital edition.
Developed by the ALA Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) and the Office for Literacy and Outreach Services, “Extending Our Reach” offers tips, tools, resources, model programs, best practices and much more to assist librarians and library staffers in creating meaningful library services for people who are experiencing homelessness.
OLOS provides a series of outreach advocacy toolkits, including
  • “Literacy for All: “The Guide to Building Support for Your Tribal Library,”
  • “How to Serve the World @ your library: Serving Non-English Speakers in U.S. Public Libraries,”
  •  “The Small but Powerful Guide to Winning Big Support for Your Rural Library”
  •  “Keys to Engaging Older Adults @ your library.”
All OLOS outreach toolkits are developed by experts from the field and contain proven strategies and resources for librarians to enhance library services in their communities. The toolkit is available as an eight-page print edition for free (up to 20 copies), an easily-navigable Web edition or as a downloadable PDF file.
For more information on “Extending Our Reach,” and other OLOS toolkits, including ordering instructions, please visit

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Meeting the Needs of Diverse Communities

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Communities

At a recent unconference at Piscataway (N.J.) Public Library (PPL), librarians from across the state came together to discuss issues and share ideas from their libraries. One issue we all have in common is the shifting ethnic makeup of New Jersey and the need for libraries to meet the changing requirements of their communities.

Shifting Demographics Bring New Challenges

Read more at Public Libraries Online.

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Librarian in a Banana Suit

Librarian in a Banana Suit.

Here I am wearing my banana suit at my library’s annual Last Bash of Summer party.  Building community, one banana suit at a time.

My public library has been busy growing a loyal local fan base through social media —  One of the best compliments we receive is when patrons say: “I get my sense of community from your library’s social media.”

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