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The public sphere without democracy

Buschman, J. (2020). The public sphere without democracy: some recent work in LIS. Journal of Documentation76(3), 769–783.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze and re-direct recent schematic and empirical scholarship on Habermas’ theory of the public sphere in library and information science (LIS).


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A Brief History of the American Philatelic Research Library

History of the American Philatelic Research Library

LHRT News and Notes

In building towards National Library Week, we are publishing histories of specific libraries. We are delighted to share this wonderful article by Tara Murray about the history of the American Philatelic Research Library to celebrate!:

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McMillan CEO Responds to Library Community E-Books Embargo


Macmillan Publishers

Macmillan CEO responds:


“I realize the lack of availability in the first eight weeks will frustrate some e-book patrons, and that will make your jobs more difficult. Your patrons would be happy if they could get any book they wanted instantly and seamlessly, but that would be severely debilitating for authors, publishers, and retailers. We are trying to find a middle ground.”–John Sargent, Macmillan CEO.

Big Update: In the final hours before the embargo, @MacmillanUSA CEO John Sargent “respectfully” writes an open letter to libraries.

👀 Read his full letter here:

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“Turning Outward to Lead Change in Your Community”

Communities have challenges.

Libraries can help.

The Harwood Public Innovators Lab is built to help you and your organization learn what it means to Turn Outward – to use the community, not your conference room, as your reference point for choices and action. Join us and the American Library Association (ALA) for a 2.5-day intensive training specially designed for library professionals, trustees, community partners and supporters like you.

Tue, Oct 15, 2019, 8:00 AM –Thu, Oct 17, 2019, 12:30 PM EDT


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Libraries as Community Catalysts

Libraries as Community Catalysts: Recapping OCLC’s Library Futures Conference.  October 4, 2019. American Libraries.

OCLC’s Americas Regional Council 2019 Library Futures Conference rallied an energetic audience October 2–3 in Phoenix to discuss libraries’ future leadership in changing communities. The conference theme was “Community Catalysts.”

On October 2, OCLC President and CEO Skip Prichard opened the day by outlining the five Cs that libraries need to catalyze their communities. Libraries contribute, developing unique offerings that help make them indispensable. Through those contributions, they forge connections. Catalysts create, introducing big changes and little shifts. They compete, constantly pushing themselves forward. And they ultimately choose, from all the goals that they can pursue, the ones most important to their communities. The greatest catalysts maintain a positive view of the future, Prichard said.

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