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Public libraries & adult basic skills programs


Public libraries & adult basic skills programs.


Why Public Libraries and Adult Basic Education Programs Should 
Advocate For and Partner With Each Other.

Public libraries have an important role in promoting, providing, and advocating for adult basic skills services. There are a wide range of specific actions they can take wherever they are on the literacy action spectrum, from libraries that are new to thinking about adult basic skills services to those that are long-time providers of basic skills, often through collaborations with community-based adult basic skills programs, and those that advocate locally, in their state and nationally for resources for adult basic skills. Collaboration between libraries and adult basic skills programs can be mutually beneficial for both, as both parties can bring resources such as funding, space, knowledge, and technology, and can advocate for each other in their public policy advocacy work.

Open Door Collective–
Less poverty and economic inequality and more civic engagement and participation in all our society offers to individuals. ODC is made up of professionals working in adult basic skills, social services and poverty reduction, who believe that adult basic skills and lifelong learning programs can open doors of opportunity to healthier, more prosperous and more satisfying lives. ODC members have expertise in connecting adult basic skills to healthcare, employment and training, corrections, and family and social services.

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Celebrate National Library Workers Day

Celebrate National Library Workers Day (#NLWD17)

National Library Workers Day (NLWD) is Tuesday, April 11, 2017. It is a day for library staff, users, administrators and Friends groups to recognize the valuable contributions made by all library workers. The ALA-APA helps libraries and individuals prepare to celebrate by featuring a range of creative suggestions on its website (see Celebration Ideas).

The National Library Workers Day webpage encourages friends, patrons, employers and co-workers to “Submit a Star” by providing a testimonial about a favorite library employee. Each testimonial (listing first names, library type and city/state location only) will be posted on the NLWD’s Galaxy ofStars page.

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Family Literacy- ALA Diversity and Outreach Fair

ala diversity and outreach fair

2014 Diversity and Outreach Fair

Saturday, June 28, 2014 | 3:00-5:00pm | Las Vegas, Nevada

About the Fair

Each year, the ALA Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS) invites library professionals from all kinds of institutions to submit proposals to participate in the ALA Diversity and Outreach Fair, which is held during ALA’s Annual Conferences.

Generously sponsored by DEMCO, the ALA Diversity and Outreach Fair is an opportunity for libraries and member groups to share their successful diversity and outreach initiatives with ALA Annual Conference attendees, celebrate diversity in America’s libraries and exhibit “diversity in action” ideas.

The Fair highlights library services to underserved or underrepresented communities, including people with disabilities; poor and homeless populations; people of color; English-language learners; gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people; new Americans, new and non-readers; older adults; people living in rural areas; incarcerated people and ex-offenders; and mobile library services and bookmobiles.

Each year’s fair focuses on a special theme based on service to one of these communities. The theme of the 2014 Diversity and Outreach Fair is Family Literacy.

Selected presenters will develop and facilitate a poster session to be held during the ALA Annual Conference in the exhibits hall.  In addition, the participants are encouraged to submit, in digital format, information and resources from their program.

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Reducing Homelessness Through Library Engagement

Extending Our Reach: Reducing Homelessness Through Library Engagement


Downloadable printer version here:

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Promise of Libraries Transforming Communities

The American Library Association’s The Promise of Libraries Transforming Communities is a groundbreaking libraries-as-change-agents initiative. ALA has partnered with the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation to provide librarians with the tools and training they need to lead community engagement and innovation.

The Harwood Institute has a clearly articulated vision of “turning outward,”  supported by a tested practice rooted in community conversation and ownership that emphasizes shifting the institutional and professional orientation of libraries and librarians from internal to external.

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Declaration for the Right to Libraries

Declaration for the Right to Libraries.

New campaign:

America’s Right to Libraries and developed a Declaration for the Right to Libraries (attached) to serve as a strong public statement of the value of libraries for individuals, communities, and our nation.  Through this initiative, libraries of all types will have the opportunity in the next year to hold signing ceremonies where community members, organizations, and officials can visibly sign and stand up for their right to have vibrant school, public, academic, and special libraries in their community.

Beginning with our Annual Conference in Chicago, we will be inviting ALA members, ALA member groups, Chapter leaders and our affiliates to join us in the effort to secure hundreds of thousands of signatures from community members across the country.  Our plan right now is for the signed scrolls to be presented at a national summit and ceremony to be held in the spring of 2014.

We hope that you will consider inviting people in your local community and in your state to join us in proclaiming the value of libraries. For those interested in holding local signing ceremonies, we will be providing a “toolkit” to help you plan your signing ceremony, garner public support and attract media attention.

I will be talking more about the campaign when we get together in Chicago in three weeks, but wanted to provide you with some advance information prior to our upcoming Annual Conference.  In the meantime, please share this message and the Declaration with colleagues and friends, and please feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have about how we can use the Declaration to increase public awareness of the incredible value that libraries represent.


Barbara Stripling

ALA President Elect

315 443-1069


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