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Community Engagement: Libraries Recognized

Three communities are recipients of the 2016 LibraryAware Community Award given byLibrary Journal and underwritten by LibraryAware™, a product of the NoveList division of EBSCO Information Services.

Louisville Free Public Library in Kentucky was the first place recipient;

Bottom right photo courtesy of Providence Childcare And Preschool; all other photos ©2016 Bryan Moberly Photography

Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public Library and the Queens Public Library entered jointly and took second place;

third place went to Cranston Public Library in Rhode Island.

Firing on All Cylinders | 2016 LibraryAware Community Award

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New Hewitt library more like a community center for everyone


Hewitt Public Library

The joint library and city hall is an architectural masterpiece. The distinctive arched roof beckons visitors through the front door; and raised ceilings and massive windows create an airy, open atmosphere. Interior walls are bathed in a kaleidoscope of yellow, blue, purple and orange tones.



Wonderful community members who supported this creative new reality.


Hewitt Public Library board members Eric Ames (from left), Shirlene Lands, Lydia Dashner and Mary Anna Roch stand in the quiet reading room, where the periodicals are kept. The president is Sally Goldman.Photo by Rod Aydelotte

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Ferguson Library is grateful for donations

During community unrest in Ferguson Missouri the library remained open and caught the attention and heart of the nation. Nearly $400K in donations poured in.

Here is the message of thanks from librarian Scott Bonner:

We are flabbergasted and heartened by the amazing support that the Ferguson Municipal Public Library District has received…..

The library’s Board of Trustees has formed a strategic planning committee to judiciously allocate funding for the good of our community, within the library’s mission. Our first priority is to bring in a full-time children’s librarian, which will radically enhance our ability to help the people of Ferguson, and increase monies devoted to community-focused programming.



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Public Libraries-Innovation and Opportunity in WIOA: A Playbook for Effective State Plans

Libraries and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Our agencies have long recognized the role of libraries to help meet the workforce training and job search needs of the American public.  At the height of the recession, more than 30 million people reported using library computers for workforce related needs and 3.7 million of them reported finding work.  Today, 96 percent of librariessurveyed offer online job and employment resources and 78 percent offer programs to help people apply for jobs.

In July, the President signed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA)which strengthens and aligns Federal employment, education, and training servicesOverwhelmingly approved by both the House and the Senate, the legislation is the result of a bipartisan agreement that recognizes the vital role the workforce system plays in providing the services and resources job seekers need to access the kinds of skills training, career information, and education that are required for today’s job market. The Act aligns with and complements the President’s Vision for Job-Driven Workforce Development, as it prepares workers for 21st century jobs and ensures American businesses have skilled workers to be competitive in global economy.


Webinar Q&A Session for Realizing Innovation and Opportunity in WIOA: A Playbook for Effective State Plans

Q6. What role if any have you seen or can you suggest for public libraries in the state plan and WIOA implementation generally?

The main roles that public libraries have played as part of the workforce development system are as a provider of adult education and as points of access to the one-stop career center system through publically available computers.

Recommendations on how state plans can advance strategies for sector partnerships, career pathways, cross-agency data and measurement, and job-driven investments.

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