Infographic Overview of Rural Libraries in America

Rural Libraries Across America Continue to Expand Programs and Resources

Public libraries across the country play a critical role in connecting community members to vital resources and programs, now more than ever. The Institute of Museum and Library Services announced today the release of new data on the many thousands of rural public libraries in the United States and how they function in American society.

Rural Libraries in America: An Infographic Overview provides an overview of the distribution, resources, and services of these important community assets. 

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Circulating Optimism

Learn how libraries have strengthened community by connecting, collaborating, and supporting each other amid a tumultuous and ever-shifting landscape.

OCLC report–July 9, 2020.

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Library Stabilization Fund Act-Please Contact Your Legislators

The bicameral Library Stabilization Fund Act,  introduced in Congress July 2 proposes 2 billion for library support. 

Stabilization funding would support a range of library services to patrons, enabling libraries to:


  • Maintain core library services and keep nearly 370,000 library workers on the job
  • Purchase cleaning and PPE supplies and train staff for safe re-opening
  • Expand technology and services to keep millions of library users connected to the internet
  • Strengthen collections and programs to address needs such as remote learning, job skills, access to government services and early literacy
Please contact your legislators.
Details here:

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Assembly (new June 2020).

American Library Association Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Assembly (new June 2020).

Announcing the new ALA EDI Assembly!
At the 2020 Midwinter Meeting, the ALA Executive Board charged the
ODLOS Advisory Committee with creating an Equity, Diversity,
and Inclusion Assembly.
The purpose of this EDI Assembly is to provide a forum for all groups
within ALA and ALA-affiliated organizations working on initiatives
related to equity, diversity, and inclusion to discuss their activities,
identify opportunities for collaboration and coordination,
and explore new initiatives related to the association’s strategic
direction for equity, diversity, and inclusion.
Who’s invited?
All groups within ALA and ALA-affiliated organizations working on
initiatives related to equity, diversity, and inclusion are invited
to send representatives. Individuals interested in equity, diversity,
and inclusion are also welcomed to attend and participate.
Volunteers will serve two-year terms on the assembly,
with flexibility as needed.
How will it work?
The EDI Assembly will meet quarterly, starting with its inaugural
meeting on August 4th from 12-1:30pm PDT / 1pm-2:30pm MDT / 
2pm-3:30pm CDT / 3pm-4:30pm EDT. We will use the the principles
outlined in the ALA EDI Implementation Working Group’s final report
as a framework for our discussions, so that as we share the work
we’re doing, we will map those principles to our work and identify
gaps in what’s being worked on so that we can move towards a
holistic culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion.
What are those ten principles again?
The ten principles are:
  • Communication
  • Courage
  • Centralization
  • Cultural competency/humility
  • Consistency
  • Cooperation & Collaboration
  • Coordination
  • Commitment
  • Change
  • Caring
How do I sign up?  
You’ll join the EDI Assembly through the ALA Volunteer Form
-stay tuned for more information. You’ll then be added to the
ALA Connect group for the Assembly.
I still have questions!
Please contact Elizabeth Brumfield,
incoming chair of the ODLOS Advisory Committee and convener
of the EDI Assembly, at

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Invitation to 2020 Holley Lecture

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The public sphere without democracy

Buschman, J. (2020). The public sphere without democracy: some recent work in LIS. Journal of Documentation76(3), 769–783.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze and re-direct recent schematic and empirical scholarship on Habermas’ theory of the public sphere in library and information science (LIS).


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A Brief History of the American Philatelic Research Library

History of the American Philatelic Research Library


In building towards National Library Week, we are publishing histories of specific libraries. We are delighted to share this wonderful article by Tara Murray about the history of the American Philatelic Research Library to celebrate!:

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McMillan CEO Responds to Library Community E-Books Embargo


Macmillan Publishers

Macmillan CEO responds:


“I realize the lack of availability in the first eight weeks will frustrate some e-book patrons, and that will make your jobs more difficult. Your patrons would be happy if they could get any book they wanted instantly and seamlessly, but that would be severely debilitating for authors, publishers, and retailers. We are trying to find a middle ground.”–John Sargent, Macmillan CEO.

Big Update: In the final hours before the embargo, @MacmillanUSA CEO John Sargent “respectfully” writes an open letter to libraries.

👀 Read his full letter here:

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