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AUTHORS 1. Barbara LISON, Natascha REIP (Co-Author), German Library Association 2. Frank HUYSMANS 3. Dan MOUNT

In recent years, public libraries (and local authorities) have risen to the challenges born from ongoing social, digital and economic changes. This briefing paper provides a short analysis of the impact that public libraries can have on the intellectual and cultural development of citizens with a particular focus on their vital role in providing an open public space for learning, culture and social communication. Following on from the analysis, respective recommendations for policy action at EU level are outlined.


This briefing note provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective roles of public libraries in their local communities, their services to the public and to their contracting authorities. It is commissioned by the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) in preparation for a workshop on “The new role of public libraries” to be held in Brussels on 20 June 2016.

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Help Flooded West Virginia Libraries-Rainelle and Clendenin

To donate to the Clendenin Public Library, go to:

To donate to the Rainelle Public Library, mail a check to Rainelle Public Library – 378 7th Street Rainelle, WV 25962 (preferred) or go to

Rainelle Public Library

As many are aware Rainelle Public Library sustained considerable damage in the recent flooding.  The library had 5 feet of water in it, the print collection was destroyed along with at least 90% of the furnishings and 100% of the computers.  A church group was in the last two days and did miraculous work in removing wet materials and furnishings that cannot be saved.  Everything is on the curb waiting for the National Guard.   The floors will be power washed today and the drying process will begin.  Next, a contractor has been secured to remove the interior sheathing and insulation and check the electrical wiring.  They really are further down the road than anyone would have expected them to be at this point.

Now, for the question on everyone’s lips, what about books!  They are interested in book donations, but are weeks, possibly months away from ready for print materials.  Please if anyone has materials they need to be stored with the donor and Rainelle will put out the word when the library is ready.

Efforts are being made to establish a command center or my favorite description after seeing the library yesterday, a “dry place” for the staff and trustees to operate the recovery efforts.  A trailer style field office would enable the staff and trustees access to an onsite telephone and fax and allow the WVLC techs to put in temporary data lines and computers. Electrical power may be available as soon as tomorrow.

Rainelle Public Library could also use monetary donations.  Sarah Palfrey, Summersville Public Library is establishing an online donation account, please be aware online services retain from 3-8% of the donation. Checks may be made to and mailed directly to: Rainelle Public Library – 378 7th Street Rainelle, WV 25962.

For more information, contact Ann Farr.

Clendenin Branch of the Kanawha County Public Library

The Clendenin Branch of Kanawha County Public Library appears to be a total loss.  A lot of people are already talking about donating books and we really appreciate the offers of assistance that are coming in.  However, we are a long way from being in a position where we can consider replacing the collection and we could not deal effectively with donations if they are received.

The best thing people can do right now is contribute money, cleaning supplies, water, etc. to help people in need.  The homes of several of our staff members are completely gone and others are currently uninhabitable, a situation that is widespread across this County and in other counties across the state.  Once we get past the immediate crisis, we will be glad to let people know how they best can help.

For more information, contact Alan Engelbert.

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Engaged and Inclusive: Libraries Embracing Racial Equity and Social Justice (Webinar)

Engaged and Inclusive: Libraries Embracing Racial Equity and Social
Justice (Webinar)

June 8, 2016, 1:00 PM Central


Public libraries across the country readily embrace their role as
centers for democracy and civic participation. But what role should
libraries play in advancing social justice and addressing persistent
racial inequities? When it comes to community transformation, how can a
social justice lens and racial equity tools guide us to be more engaged
and inclusive at all levels of our work?

Whether your community is a site of major political action or feels a
million miles away from Ferguson or Baltimore, issues of current and
historical injustice are present in your community every day. Learn how
public libraries can engage in meaningful social justice and racial
equity work by leveraging their existing strengths, supporting
transformational relationships, and developing new tools to support
social change.

Hear from three librarians who are working to center social justice and
racial equity in their day-to-day work. Core principles of diversity,
equity, and social justice will be defined. Whether you are management
or front line staff, we invite you to join us for this important
webinar, where you’ll gain concrete resources and ideas that will help
you feel empowered to step into these conversations and deepen community

Registration deadline: June 6, 2016.


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Summer Lunch at the Library: TX,CA, OH

lunch-at-the-library-logo (1)California: Lunch at the Library.

Public library summer meal programs provide children and teens with nourishment, enrichment, and learning during the summer months. The programs provide free healthy summer lunches to help combat hunger and obesity, and summer reading and enrichment programs to help prevent summer learning loss.

To help libraries establish themselves as successful summer meal program sites, the California Summer Meal Coalition and California Library Association developed the Lunch at the Library program

State Library of Ohio-Summer Food Program.

Texas State Library : Public Libraries and the USDA Summer Food Service Program

USDA- Summer Meals Tool Kit.

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Community Engagement: Libraries Recognized

Three communities are recipients of the 2016 LibraryAware Community Award given byLibrary Journal and underwritten by LibraryAware™, a product of the NoveList division of EBSCO Information Services.

Louisville Free Public Library in Kentucky was the first place recipient;

Bottom right photo courtesy of Providence Childcare And Preschool; all other photos ©2016 Bryan Moberly Photography

Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public Library and the Queens Public Library entered jointly and took second place;

third place went to Cranston Public Library in Rhode Island.

Firing on All Cylinders | 2016 LibraryAware Community Award

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